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Whitney Biennial

Tauba Auerbach, painter, in her Bushwick, Brooklyn, studio. “I’m going to make works from a series that aimto be fractionally dimensional.” All Clothing: Artist’s own.

Aki Sasamoto

Sculptor and performance artist, in her Soho studio. “I will show my installation/performance piece called ‘Strange Attractors,’ which is a mathematic concept which I apply to explain my kaleidoscopic world view.” Dress: Comme des GarÇons. T-shirt: Gap. Shoes: Artist’s own.

Josephine Meckseper in her studio in Chinatown.She makes installations often resembling consumer-display structures like shop windowsand vitrines as well as films, photographs, collages, and paintings. “I’m showing a piece that deals with aspects of consumer mentality and a looming demise of commonlyknown retail models.” Blazer: Giorgio Armani. Tank top: 3.1 Phillip Lim. Pants: Bebe. Scarf: Artist’s own.

Daniel McDonald in his Lower East Side studio, he makes assemblages using dollhouse–scale miniature environments populated by modified action figures and other found objects. “I will be showing a kind of three-dimensional political cartoon, which stages Michael Jackson and Uncle Sam on a mystical voyage into the afterlife in a boat steered by the mythical figure Charon.” (Art in Photo with McDonald: Sally McDonald’s Untitled and Mark Flood’s Michael & E.t.Blazer, t-shirt, and necklace: Mended Veil (Artist’s own). Pants: Dries Van Noten.

Alex Hubbard painter and video artist, in his studio in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. “I’m making a video in a similar—and possibly dysfunctional—vein to the ones I’ve been making”. Hooded Sweatshirt, jeans and t-shirt: Artist’s own.  

Piotr Uklanski multimedia artist, pictured in front of his own piece Untitled (She-Male), in his Greenpoint, Brooklyn, studio. “I’m doing a self-portrait. Overcoat, jeans, jewelry, and loafers: Artist’s own. Pajama top: Tom Ford.

Sarah Crowner painter and ceramicist, in her Red Hook, Brooklyn, studio. “For the Biennial I’m preparing a series of painted and sewn panels, which are based on the early ’60s black-and-white works of Bridget Riley.” Jacket: Armani jeans. Top: Narciso Rodriguez. Skirt: Donna Karan. Watch and ring: Artist’s own.

George Condo painter, draftsman, and sculptor, in his Upper East Side studio.“I am going to show a figurative sculpture I made in clay, had enlarged, and then attacked the enlargement in clay to work it up to scale.” Blazer, pants, and shoes: Artist’s own. Shirt and scarf: Giorgio Armani. Pocket square: Paul Smith.