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Paris Front Row

Cosmetics: Dior Beauty, including Diorshow Iconic mascara. Hair Products: L’Oreal Paris, including Elnett Satin hairspray. Hair: Alain Pichon for L’Oreal Paris/Streeters. Hair (Katie Grand ONLY): Guido for Redken/Art + Commerce. Makeup: Mark Carrasquillo/Art + Commerce. Makeup (Dasha Zhukova ONLY): Renee Garnes for Mac cosmetics/artistsbynext. Production: Oliver Hicks/North6. Stylist Assistants: Omaima Salem and Talia Souki. Digital imaging & retouching: Dtouch.

Tabitha Simmons, Shoe Designer & Contributing Editor, Vogue

October 5, 6 p.m., in her room at Hotel Le Meurice, wearing Dolce & Gabbana and Tabitha Simmons Shoes.

“Fashion has sped up so much due to the internet. I don’t understand what race we are all trying to win.”

Anna Dello Russo, Fashion Director at Large & Creative Consultant, Vogue Japan

October 6, 4:30 a.m., at the Hotel Ritz swimming pool, wearing versace, Her own vintage earrings and brooch and Bvlgari necklace and bracelet.

“Just an example: For fashion shows, I remember that I used to need 30 outfits. Today, for the fashion weeks in New York, Milan, and Paris, I have to bring at least 90 outfits.”

Katie Grand, Editor in Chief, LOVE magazine

October 4, 9 a.m., at the Louis Vuitton studio, wearing Louis Vuitton.

“There are so many collections—not just the runway collections, but pre-, cruise, and icons. plus, all the accessory collections. I love the speed of it all, though, as I am a compulsive shopper and am obsessed with new things! Louis Vuitton is always kind and lets me take spare shoes, so I am very happy walking around in next season’s fraggle clogs already.”

Camille Bidault-Waddington, Stylist & Consultant

October 5, 3 p.m., at her home, wearing her own Christian Louboutin shoes.

“The Internet provides quick access to what is new, And in these recession times, there is probably a little trickle-up effect. Certainly fashion is more accessible due to a very quick turnover by high-street brands that are following designers very closely—sometimes in a scandalous way.”

Jessica Diehl, Senior Style Editor, Vanity Fair

October 7, 12 A.M., In her room at Hotel le Meurice, wearing Yves Saint Laurent.

“Basically, yes, fashion does move fast and is more democratic and available than it used to be. But style is as it was, is, and always will be—its own thing.”

Sittings editor: Karl Templer.

Hidetoshi Nakata, Ex–Professional Soccer Player & Founder of the Take Action foundation

October 6, 8 p.m., in a car outside the Hotel Ritz, wearing his own clothing.

“Fashion has assimilated into the age of speed and information that we now live in. With developments like the internet, we are able to see fashion faster and obtain it faster than ever before. Fashion is alive and constantly moving. therefore, we have more opportunity to use fashion as a means of expression in our lives.”

L’Wren Scott, Designer, L’Wren Scott

October 6, 10 p.m., having her makeup done by Mark Carrasquillo on Rue du Cirque, wearing L’wren Scott and her personal accessories.

“Fashion has always been a fast-paced industry, and I love that about it, but style is never seasonal.”

Sittings editor: Ludivine Poiblanc.

Jefferson Hack, Co-founder & Editorial Director of the Dazed Group, which publishes Dazed & Confused, AnOther & AnOther man (with Anouck Lepere)

October 6, 11:30 a.m., in a limo outside hotel Le Meurice. Hack is wearing Tom Ford. Lepere is wearing a Tom Ford tuxedo jacket, Calvin Klein collection tank top, Maison Michel hat, Yoshiyo Abe earrings, Miu Miu Belt, and Versus shoes.

“I love opening up fashion to an instant, real-time, global, live experience,  but I also appreciate the refined, slower approach taken by some designers and brands who want to work to the  opposite rhythm, focusing on craftsmanship and heritage.”

Sittings editor: Ludivine Poiblanc.

Dasha Zhukova, Editor in Chief, pop magazine & Founder of the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture

October 6, 8 a.m., in her room at the Hotel Ritz, wearing Valentino, her own jewelry, and Valentino
Garavani shoes handmade by Philip Treacy.

“Progress is about speed, but sometimes slowing down raises the efficiency. Today, it’s a culture of instants. There is a lot of waste and often not enough time or space to really explore ideas in depth. Speed in fashion is a double-edged sword.”

Sittings editor: Karl Templer.

Giovanna Battaglia, Fashion Editor in Chief, Vogue Pelle & Vogue Gioiello

October 5, 9 A.M., at Gabriele Corto Moltedo’s house, wearing D&G, Delfina Delettrez jewelry, and her own Christian Louboutin boots.

“I see it, I want it, and I wear it without thinking about it too much. If I can’t find the piece that’s gratifying right away, I go through my wardrobe like a miner in search of the right gem.”

Sittings editor: Ludivine Poiblanc.

Daphne Guinness, Designer, Filmmaker, Perfumer & Stylist

October 6, 3 p.m., in her room at the Hotel Ritz, wearing Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci jacket, top, and shoes with her own pants and jewelry.

“I think fashion is over. Or if it isn’t over, I believe we’ve reached a saturation point.  No wonder there is no authenticity. The future stopped in the ’60s. Before that, you had everyone looking forward, and now it’s just a tide of people looking back. What I’m really looking toward is the future.”

Lauren Santo Domingo, Contributing Editor, Vogue

October 4, 3 p.m., at 5 Rue Saint-Dominique, wearing PHI and her own Roberto Cavalli boots.

“Many shows present looks that one wants
to wear straightaway. But The best shows, for me, are the ones that are so advanced that they challenge you. Maybe you don’t understand at first, but fast-forward six months and it all makes sense.”

Marie Amelie Sauve, Stylist & Contributing Editor, Vogue

October 7, 8 a.m., at the Guy Bourdin Exhibition at Le Bon Marche Rive Gauche, wearing Balenciaga.

“Some shows are translated very fast. This connects to the internet and weekly press trends—and these  trends are ephemeral. Luckily, there are other shows That have a deeper impact and that transmit real fashion ideas, which are going to be part of fashion history and remain.”

Charlotte Stockdale, Stylist & Consultant,
(with her husband, Marc Newson, Industrial Designer, and their daughter, Imogen)

October 4, 11 a.m., at home in their bedroom. Stockdale is wearing Azzedine AlaÏa and Delfina Delettrez jewelry.

"For me, it becomes more important than ever, when creating fashion imagery for magazines,
to attempt to reinterpret, not to simply follow and present trends, but to mix it up and create. . . .
Where did individuality go? Where is the experimentation? Where are the new Viviennes, Pam Hoggs?”

Stefano Tonchi, Editor in Chief, T: The New York Times Style Magazine

October 5, 12:30 p.m., at Chez Julien, wearing his own clothes.

“The speed of fashion becomes a problem only when you stay still. Fashion is a moving target, and we have to keep moving with it. It is about a context and not about an object. It is about the desire and not the possession.”

Olivier Zahm, Co-founder, Purple (with, from far left, Andre, Trish Goff & Lara Stone)

October 4, 10 p.m., at Le Montana. Zahm and Andre are wearing their own clothes. Goff is wearing Gucci, and Stone is wearing Gucci and Aurelie Bidermann bracelets.

“I’m afraid that people grab the new appealing, exciting thing with less and less of a personal filter. This immediate absorbing of fashion trends by the masses is slowly but surely destroying personal style. People become instant consumers in the social confusion and narcissistic liberal competition.”

Sittings editor: Ludivine Poiblanc.

Natalia Vodianova, Model and Founder of the Naked Heart Foundation

October 6, 6 p.m. at Caviar Kaspia, wearing Stella McCartney.

“Seasons don’t really matter to me, as I feel that I’m always crossing various time zones, and sometimes I find myself two seasons behind . . .
and four seasons ahead!”

Sittings editor: Ludivine Poiblanc.