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Coachella 2009


Holli Smith.
Traffic can be a bitch and some prefer to walk the two miles to Indio. Hairstylist Holli Smith did just that, on her way to work on Morrissey with photographer Sebastian Kim.

Getaway: Casitas Laquitas (lezbo Motel)
Hair Secret: Dirt and sweat hair in the desert is like the ocean salt water beach hair. THE BEST.
Most Interesting person met this week: Ariel Pink..the most authentic

The must-have accessory is water, and water boys run this town! 14-year-old Gilbert is raising money for his little league softball team by selling water in the massive parking lots. Coachella is very green: Recycle ten bottles and get one free bottle.

Alexander Wang.
Everyone waits in traffic at Coachella—even Alexander Wang, who was spotted driving around with Zoe Kravitz. Our Q&A:

Surf or Ski: Neither
Have you ever sunbathed nude: Not yet
How many models can you fit in a landrover: Not enough
In one world describe Coachella: TRAFFIC

Nelly and Ayanna.  
An hour isn't so bad for a part-time weekend gig. The parking lot girls have the best seats in the house for people-watching. Their favorite celebrity spottings: Paris Hilton, Zac Efron, and David Hasselhoff.

Jeremy Scott & Robyn.
We ran into fashion designer Jeremy Scott and his best bud, pop star Robyn, on their way to catch Fleet Foxes perform. It was the last band they saw before heading to the party they hosted in celebration of Scott's collaboration with Adidas.

This 17-year-old Indio native gave us the low-down on how to get the best out of our weekend. He's attended the past three years, making him a Coachella veteran. He knows where to get the best fish tacos.

Harley Viera-Newton.
There is no shortage of barely dressed babes in the desert. One party girl of note was bi-costal music babe Harley Viera-Newton. We gave her the Q&A treatment:

How big is your entourage:
Just two: Me and Cassie

Five songs to play in the desert: Soulja Boy—"Turn My Swag On"; Animal Collective—"Peacebone"; Waaves—"No Hope Kids"; Black Rebel Motorcycle Club—"Shuffle Your Feet"; Soulja Boy—"Turn My Swag On" (x2)

How many airmiles have u racked up being by coastal: 0—I always get the cheapest and worst economy seats. Thanks, Delta!

What would be your cowgirl name: I have no idea but Cassie says it's Cowboy Chuck.

This is an international party, and lots of guests from around the word make the pilgrimage—especially Australians. It must be because of Virgin Atlantic's new direct flights from Sydney, explains proud Aussie Timbler.

Will Cameron.
It boy Will Cameron is no stranger to festivals. But he much prefers to see the small acts by the pools with his girlfriend Daisy Lowe.

Interviewers come in all shapes and sizes, the most ambitious of which is eight-year-old Delcan who interviewed his favorite band, Franz Ferdinand.

Alison Mosshart.   
The goddess of the desert, Allison Mosshart of the Kills, gave us a jittery pre-show smile right before taking the stage.