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Tavi Williams: Back in Time

3/12/2009: Mom's old blazer. vintage shirt. Cheap Monday jeans (DIYed by Kirsty Lee). Vintage Dr Martens via ebay. DIYed bands.

Tavi T-shirts by Karoline: Hand-printed and made-to-order, eco-friendly and made from certified organic and Fair Wear cotton

01/15/2009: Celeste Stein tights via mytights.com. slow & steady wins the race shoes and sunnies. Thrifted belt, top worn as skirt, and top (underneath). Comme des Garcons for H&M jacket.

jonathon aston tights, gift via mytights.com. slow and steady wins the race shoes. thrifted shirt and belt. dress, gift. childhood closet skirt.

Dress and scarf, Yokoo. hue socks, laia. Shoes & shirt, secondhand.
Left to right: gray pullover, slow and steady wins the race. flannel shirt, Yokoo. Skirt, thrifted. gray printed pullover, Belle.




Top, Mom's. Skirt, SA. Headband, home-made. Belt, thrifted. Purse, SA.
"Finally a hippie outfit. The skirt is a size 10 in women's and I'm barely a size 10 in children's (say anything and I break your face!)"

comme des garcons for h&m jacket. dress and skirt, gift. shoes, slow and steady wins the race. childhood closet tights. nyc liquid eyeliner in black.