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ARMORY 2009 Press Preview

Gary Simmons steals the show with a key place right near the entrace, at Simon Lee's booth.

A Mel Bochner edition at Twin Palms harkens back to another time.

There mirrored glass roses worked nicely, but they made the blogger (pictured) look a little feeble.

How's it hangin' at Elizabeth Dee? These Mark Barrows were rubstly re-stretched.

A DIY Douglas Kolk at Arndt & Partner. It shared the booth with a small-scale Jon Kessler; it's funny how the effect changes with scane, and this rotating-mirror machine was like a little robot.

The Visionaire teamâ??Simon Castets, Cecilia Dean, and Dominic Sidhuâ??standing in front of the Ricci Albendas at Andrew Kreps. The text reads "No reason to say no." That's what they said about my taking this photo.

A stunning Sterling Ruby at Marc Foxx

Agathe Snow polished up, channeling Terence Koh at Peres Projects. This was one of the first pieces to sell.

Also channeling Terence Koh: Dan Colen's gum paintings at Peres Projects; we like them even better with the gum removed. This one is presented by Peres Projects' Victoria Sounthavong.

You heard it here first: geometric patterns with highlighted Contrustivist elements. In a solo presentation at Museum 52, Sarah Braman

Throwing money at the wall? We don't think so.

Collectors Phil and Shelley Fox Aarons at Daniel Reich's booth. They stand before one of their favorites, landscapes by Paul P. There's a Christian Holstad on the floor—and you can just make out the artist's 2(x)ist underwear stool. Out of the picture, sadly, Suzanne Winterling's mannequin sculptures.

Gyan Panchal's solo presentatio at Frank Elbaz. Eve Hesse? Richard Serra? Robert Morris— sold!

This Elbaz is a beaut—it also looks like the wrapped being taken off a zinc pad. Also a little bit of Serra action in there for you.

Frank Horning and Art in America Editor at Large Cay Sophie Rabinowitz and a Marilyn Minter from the series published in Parkett while Rabinowitz was US editor. Small world!

Richard Aldrich went nutty in his studio—and gave this one to Marc Foxx.