Exclusive Track Premiere: ‘AMERIKKKA,’ NEO 10Y

Published June 24, 2016

The masked vigilante musician NEO 10Y, who is associated with hacker group Anonymous, is not very happy that Donald Trump could easily become the next President of the United States. Premiering below, the new track “AMERIKKKA” (a title that immediately indicates the song’s political messages) expresses NEO 10Y’s extreme discontent with the current state of the country.

“It needs to be heard before Trump goes into power,” the incognito artist says. “He is referenced in the song.” Seeing his music as a form of activism, he continues, saying, “The sonic twist towards the end of ‘AMERIKKKA’ yields an emotion from the first half of the track, transforming it into a genuine cry for awakening, and societal learning and unlearning. It harnesses the inclusive ideologies combined with an anti-supremacy and anti-persecution societal progression.”

The disillusionment can be heard both in the lyrics (“Ameri-k-k-k-a, he said that you’re no longer great”) and a restless beat. Thankfully, NEO 10Y’s activism through art seems to be getting out there, as “AMERIKKA” was played at the Tom Ford party during London Men’s Fashion Week last Wednesday. Let’s just hope the message is heard nationwide come November.