Exclusive Track Premiere: ‘Let Go,’ Seapony

With perfectly layered guitars and upbeat, dreamy vocals, Seapony’s new track “Let Go” is this summer’s sleeper hit—a song fit to liven the mood at any summer barbeque. When speaking with vocalist Jen Weidl, she echoes the feel-good vibe, saying that, while the song tackles the heavy topic of social comparison, it also reaffirms the fundamental fact that “we’re all lucky to be alive on this planet and each of us is just one wave in the cosmic ocean of life.”

“Let Go,” which we are pleased to premiere below, is the second song released from Seapony’s forthcoming LP, A Vision, which will be out July 31, following the band’s two-year hiatus. Seapony “wasn’t fun anymore,” Weidl explains. “Once we started playing a bunch of shows, we found it was causing too much unnecessary stress [and] it started to frizzle out.”

In 2012, Weidl, Danny Rowland (guitar), and Ian Brewer (bass) embarked on a journey to revive their music. Fittingly, “Let Go” and A Vision are as much an attempt at restoration as they are redefinition. “When writing songs in the past, we would think about what it would be like to play it live,” Weidl says. “That affected things, like how many layers we put on a song. For this album, we were going for a more organic sound.” As the vocalist continues, A Vision is “about coming to terms with the realities of life, both events that befall you and the true nature of reality. There’s an aspect of mysticism to it.”