Exclusive Song Premiere: ‘Here Now,’ Sean Bones


Sean Bones’s sunny track “Here Now” feels incompatible with four walls, making a breezy summer evening imaginable even in the early February doldrums. The exuberant offering, backed by Fool’s Gold’s Garrett Ray and Lewis Pesacov, was the last song written for the forthcoming Buzzards Boy, which is overall slightly darker than Bones’s previous efforts. With a track so fundamentally life-affirming, we’re anxious to find out what demons inspired the album’s gloomy title.

In any event, we’re pleased Bones found the light in time for “HereNow.”A departure from his more reggae-inspired past, Bones’ trades thebongopounding for a little ivory tickling with this upbeat gem.Whirlingpianos are supported by a friendly drum beat, wholly amenableto someserious foot-tapping. Lyrically, Bones’ addresses the exertioninvolvedwith attaining even the simplest of pleasures, such as”Climbing upmountains just to see, the little things that seem to meanthe world tome.”

Sean Bones is the like precocious favoritechild of the brandof quirky piano-rock spawned by Ben Folds and hisilk. Not only is Bones “here now,” but with a promising LP set for a Mayrelease, we think he has officially arrived.