Season’s Remix: Delorean


Though it may be Christmas vacation, this weekend promises an unseasonable warm in the Northeast (sorry, Chicago). Besides which, with family obligations over, we’re headed south. This weekend, plug in and prep for the beach with a summery remix by Delorean.


In their native Spain, Delorean are already sensations, hosting dabauched parties all over the country. Ekhi Lopetegi (vocals, bass), Guillermos Astrain (guitar, sampler), Igor Escudero (drums, sampler) and Unai Lazcano (keys, sampler) were childhood friends in the Basque country; now they are part of an emerging Barcelona music scene that also counts El Guincho, Les Aus and Coconot as members. In the states they’ve garnered attention for their remixes of The Teenagers, Mystery Jets, and Lemonade; typically, they distill the melodic essence of a song and reframe it as a blissful, Balearic rave-up. Their latest remix, for London’s The Big Pink, takes a vocal melody from the icy, minimalist original and repeats it relentlessly, adding nostalgic pianos and Ibiza-inflected bongos. With the restraint Air France or Tough Alliance, the middle passage crescendoes to a hypnotic incantation about “innocence” and “youth.” The result is sentimental, stimulating dance music, and a wintry ode to summer.