Exclusive Video Premiere: Blondes


A few months ago, we were lucky enough to catch up with electronic duo Blondes, before they jetted south to DJ Interview and MoMA PS1’s own Art Basel Miami Beach party. The pair, Sam Haar and Zach Steinman, were open and good natured about explaining their unconventional creative process. With music that straddles the border between minimalism, house, and electronic beats, and with the band bouncing between playing DIY shows in Brooklyn and DJing penthouse parties, it can be hard to pin them down long enough to classify them into any one genre. Naturally, we’re pleased to premiere their new video.

The video, for the aptly titled song “Hater” from their newly released album LOVER/HATER, is an unfussy, analog kaleidoscope study of shape and color, with no real resolution or plot to speak of. It’s no surprise that Hater takes a process-oriented cue from their music, using analog video synthesis—a process akin to circuit bending—to create the visuals. In a music video climate that is currently heavily dominated by intricate plots, 7D cameras, and heavily edited and manipulated graphics, it’s refreshing to see Blondes marching to the beat of their own synthesizer.