Best Director: Martin Scorsese

 Among the Best Director hopefuls is Martin Scorsese, nominated for his film Hugo, which received the most nominations (11!) of any film this year. Like his fellow nominee Woody Allen, this is not Scorsese’s first Best Director nod—he’s been nominated six times already and won in 2007 for The Departed. We had another legendary director, Spike Lee, interview Scorsese in November of 2008 and the two bonded over their mutual appreciation for the artform that is…music:

“[Musicians] are the purest and the greatest [artists]. I mean, music totally comes from your soul. I just remember growing up with guitar music and jazz. I would play these 78s that my father had in the ’40s, and all these images came to mind. That’s the way I’ve always worked-listening to music and getting pictures from the music. “

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