Casting Call: Alice and Freda Forever

In which we suggest who should star in the next big adaptation, remake, or historical film.

Set in the 1890s  and based on a true story, Alice and Freda Forever begins happily enough, with the two titular characters engaged to marry. Things begin to go awry, however, when their families become involved. Once their relationship is discovered, Alice and Freda’s only recourse is a strict policy of non-communication. After all, gay marriage was only legalized in Tennessee a week ago, and in the 19th century, being a lesbian was considered a mental illness. Although Freda adjusts quickly, Alice sinks into a deep depression, and begins to harbor a resentment toward her seemingly flippant ex-lover that eventually turns fatal.

With Jennifer Kent, who proved her merit with The Babadook, signed on to direct, the film is sure to plenty of emotional punch. But who will take on the title roles? We have some suggestions.

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