Casting Call: A Series of Unfortunate Events

In which we suggest who should star in the next big adaptation, remake, or historical film.

Millennium readers are most likely familiar with the popular children’s tridecalogy A Series of Unfortunate Events, written by the elusive and cryptic Lemony Snicket (the pen name of the slightly less cryptic Daniel Handler). Following the lives of the three recently orphaned Baudelaire children—Violet, Klaus, and Sunny—the series chronicles their constantly on-the-run, tumultuous, and disaster-prone lives as they attempt to hide from their distant relative, Count Olaf, as he executes anything in his power to inherent the Baudelaire’s massive fortune. His murderous, malicious, and arsonous tendencies, coupled with the series’ general sense of malaise and gloom, often begged the question, “Are these books really meant for children?”

Despite the despondent plotlines—which often involved the Baudelaire’s going to live with a new and eccentric legal guardian, where Count Olaf tracks them down and terrorizes them–the series proved massively popular, selling over 65 million copies and spurring a well-received 2004 film adaptation. Now, the darkly funny world of the Baudelaire orphans will be heading to Netflix, as the streaming company has acquired the rights of A Series of Unfortunate Events with the intentions of adapting it into a live-action television series. No casting decisions have been announced, so we have a few suggestions in the slideshow above.

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