Shark Traina

“Typically I love to swim at the beach but Stinson is full of great white sharks so when I’m there I don’t get too close to the water,” Vanessa Traina says about her favorite spot to soak up the sun, her mother’s beach house in Northern California. Perhaps Jacob Riis Park at Rockaway Beach offered more amicable waters for the friend of Proenza Schouler, where she spent, “all day at the beach filming and hanging out” with designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez.

Modeling the brand‘s limited edition tie-dye racerback tank, Vanessa rarely broke the stillness of her pose in front of the camera during the shoot of the video for Proenza’s newly launched online shop. Her chicly minimal performance allowed videographer Gregory Mitnick “to freeze the movement of the ocean” and capture “a nice quiet moment,” enhancing the tank’s tones of fuchia.
Talking tie-dye, we’d have to agree: “It makes me think of Proenza,” says Vanessa of the technique.