Cycles in Season

My own rickety, rusted bicycle, which I bought for 50 Euros, is such a cherished item that I sometimes dream about riding it when I’m traveling. Maybe that’s because bike theft is such an epidemic, and I worry about it. If I owed the Trussardi 1911 city bike, I might go to sleep clutching. Founded in 1911 as a top-tier glove-maker, the Italian company represented by a greyhound mascot and a crest featuring upright greyhounds branched out to streetwear in the eighties. The Trussardi 1911 city bike may seem like an unexpected sideline, but it has been crafted to exemplify the grace and old-world elegance of a greyhound, and appropriately, the greyhound’s noble visage can be seen on gold details adorning the bike’s wheels. In sum, the unceasinge Milan Vukmirovic had designed a bike for Trussardi that is sleek, agile, elegant and epitomizes functional luxury. The bike’s steel frame is painted to replicate the patina of high-quality leather, and while the seat and bike bags are made of camouflage fabric, Trussardi’s bike does not blend in with the clunkers or jock-bikes it joins on the streets. Bike thieves be warned: Swiping this bike will land you in a worse place than the doghouse.