Thom Browne Spills the Tee About Golf To Celebrate His Latest Capsule Collection

Photography Conor Lucas

Published November 9, 2018

The power of a uniform isn’t lost on Thom Browne, which perhaps helps to explain the designer’s enduring interest in athletics. Basketball, European football, tennis—Browne has brought his signature eye to each, most notably when the New York–based designer outfitted every member of the Cleveland Cavaliers during the 2018 NBA playoffs. Following another groundbreaking partnership, with Spain’s FC Barcelona team, Browne has turned back to the power of the individual with The Golf Collection, a capsule inspired by America’s most peaceful pastime. Debuting this past week, Browne updates the notoriously stodgy uniform into a cultural image of his own making. Among regal reds and navy, Browne has reconfigured golf’s more staid habits with light pinks and baby blues, pompom detailing and cashmere jacquard. The new lookbook for this capsule of country-club couture was shot at the Philip Johnson Glass House and features models Adesuwa, Sang Woo Kim, and Walker Bunting. For the fashion caddies out there, the brand sent us an exclusive video of these new looks, covered in VHS grit and curiously overlaid with audio from the 2016 Open Championship at the Royal Troon Golf Club in Scotland. Browne, while overseas in Shanghai, took time to answer a few questions about the game, which, admittedly, I haven’t much contemplated since I last visited my grandparents in Boca Raton. 


NATHAN TAYLOR PEMBERTON: Argyle and golf: can one live without the other?

THOM BROWNE: No. Argyle and golf can’t live without each other.

PEMBERTON: Who is the Thom Browne golfer? What courses would we find them on?

BROWNE: The Thom Browne golf man and woman are very nice people. They play on any course they desire, and they look really good.

PEMBERTON: Golf on TV: meditative reprieve or cultural curiosity?

BROWNE: Meditative reprieve.

PEMBERTON: What’s your handicap?

BROWNE: I… don’t have one?

PEMBERTON: Moments in iconic golf-wear?

BROWNE: Arnold Palmer and Babe Didrikson. They just looked good.

PEMBERTON: Wood or iron?


PEMBERTON: Advice for getting around a dogleg?

BROWNE: Hope for the best.