Scent of a Man


Published September 20, 2010

This fall, four new fragrances for four different types of men set out to redefine what exactly it means to be a man—or at least to smell like one. Dolce & Gabbana’s The One Gentleman is a retro-sexual charmer that uses intoxicating patchouli as its calling card (think the relaxed cool of the fragrance’s face, Matthew McConaughey). Bvlgari’s Man stirs a woodsy concoction with a mix of bold and fresh accords for the effortlessly elegant straight-up kind of guy. Bleu de Chanel is for the in-your-face, leather-clad streetwise dude who—like the city he lives in—emits a potent mix of scents, like cedar and vetiver. He’s the kind of man who makes you do a double take. Marc Jacobs’s Bang is a rebel with its triple threat of pepper notes—a man who shows you a good time, but may not call you in the morning. Now, if only we could combine all four into one . . .