Prada Hong Kong’s Minimalist Makeover


If the average American mall had a Prada store, our teenage selves might have looked a lot smarter. But the teenagers and mall punks—and, undoubtedly, the savvy shoppers—of Hong Kong will not be deprived. Today, Prada announced that its Hong Kong location, at the International Finance Centre, has gotten a makeover.

It’s a modern re-do without a design motif, so it might look spare to those familiar with some of the retailer’s well-known Western locations. Architect Roberto Baciocchi has nonetheless designed the new Prada store with nods to the location in Milan at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. You’ll recall that black-and-white checkered marble flooring juxtaposed with wheat-colored carpeting. Loyal Prada customers will also recognize the green canvas upholstery, ivory “saffiano” leather surfaces, and velvet sofas. Let classics be classics.