Factory Made

Of all of the ephemeral superstars created in Andy Warhol’s factory, perhaps none are quite as loved as Edie Sedgwick. The ‘60s it girl was, as Vogue so aptly put it, a “youthquaker”-trendsetting with her affinity for thick black eyeliner, false eyelashes, opaque tights and boatneck sweaters. With the NARS Edie Sedgwick Collection in honor of Andy Warhol, we can finally perfect that defined eye and pouty nude pink lip and attempt to channel our favorite socialite. The “Ciao Manhattan” actress embodied the downtown chic of Warhol’s factory, which she started visiting regularly after meeting Andy in 1965 and starring in his films soon thereafter. 

In creating the Nars Andy Warhol holiday collection of pop-inspired cosmetics, beauty maestro François Nars drew upon some of the more iconoclastic characters in Warhol’s sphere-among them, one of the Silver Factory’s most ethereal muses, Edie Sedgwick. “Edie was so ahead of her time,” says Nars, whose Edie gift set includes pure Matte Lipstick in film star (nude pink), shimmering Edie Eyeshadow, and an Eyeliner Stylo in Carpates. “It didn’t feel like looking backward when referencing her for this collection,” says Nars. “It’s almost like she’s from the future more than the past.”