Most Wanted: Obal Oil


What began as a “best kept secret” between two beauty industry professionals is now part of our personal skincare regimen—and just in time for dry skin season. A light feel and heavy hydration are the keys to our most wanted skincare product Obal Oil, an all-natural moisturizing oil developed by makeup artist Walter Obal and designer Katherine Fleming. After 16 years in the beauty industry, Obal conceived the oil as a quickly absorbed makeup base. When Fleming tried it for her problematic skin, its multiple benefits and versatile uses became apparent. “Most people were amazed by the results,” Obal says. “Knowing that so many people suffer from many different skin issues from chemical ingredients in skincare is what drove us to using oils.”

Set apart in the current beauty market, the nourishing product boasts a stellar list of natural ingredients used throughout the ages, including softening argan oil, sour cherry, and sweet almond. “All seven ingredients were chosen for the specific benefits they deliver to the skin. Nothing was chosen for the sake of filler or fragrance,” Obal explains. The oil is beneficial to any skin type and—counter-intuitively—can even correct normally oily skin. “We can actually balance the natural sebum (oil) our bodies produce by applying oil to our skin. I always thought I had oily skin but in reality I was very dry,” Obal adds. Rather than introducing a skin-irritating chemical fragrance like most luxury brands, it has its own natural, earthy aroma, which dissipates shortly after application. Just three to five drops is enough to reap Obal Oil’s soothing benefits. Priced at $80 and available at the official Obal Oil site. 

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