Most Wanted: Cartier Santos-Dumont Racing Sunglasses

In addition to the usual fare—beer, barbeque, cutoffs—what we’re looking forward to most this 4th of July is finagling a passenger-seat spot in some generous new friend’s convertible. Once we have the wind in our hair and Springsteen on the speakers, the perfect pair of sunglasses is the linchpin. These aviators, by Cartier, feature several subtle tributes to racing culture (think the erstwhile Grand Prix, not NASCAR), including a racing-flag checkerboard on the earpieces and a leather accent over the nose bridge designed to evoke driving gloves. Put them on, and you’re ready to burn rubber. Admittedly, Cartier isn’t an American brand—but as far as we’re concerned, that just presents a great excuse to repeat the whole scenario in a week and a half for Bastille Day. Priced at $1,070 and available at Cartier boutiques nationwide.

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