Most Wanted: Aurelie Bidermann Cuff

This Aurelie Biderman cuff—floral lace dipped in 18-k rose gold that runs from wrist to forearm—is this week’s Most Wanted accessory. Delicate in its design, defiant in its shape, which evokes the wrist-guards of gladiators. Paradoxical, perhaps, but that’s the fun of fashion; self-expression through contrasts, the juxtaposition of textures and themes. Ideally, we’d go for two cuffs, one on each wrist, to complete the warrior look, or perhaps a stack of two for a metallic arm. We’d wear them with our Alexander Wang Marion bag; though we typically steer clear of too much matching, in this case the coordination of the rose gold detail on the bag and the cuff is subtle and sublime. Priced at  $1,370 and available at Net-a-Porter.

This most wanted item was selected by Interview fashion assistant Stephanie Strauss.