Laird Hamilton Goes Deep with Chanel


Legendary professional surfer Laird Hamilton was born in a bathysphere–a tank meant for deep-sea submersion–so it’s fitting that he will henceforth act as the ambassador for Chanel’s first diving watch, the J12 Marine, which is waterproof to over 300 meters. Stepson to fellow wave-rider Bill Hamilton, a surfing hero in his own right, Laird has spent most his life in the water, save for the time he spent as a model in the ‘80s. (Sports legends or no, the faces of Chanel’s products don’t tend to be average-looking ones). He’s also made a few forays into the world of film, though he’s made sure to stick to what he knows, acting as a surfing double and stunt double for Pierce Brosnan in Die Another Day and Kevin Costner in Waterworld, respectively. This weekend, Hamilton was on hand in Montauk to launch the watch, giving surfing lessons to the likes of Jen Brill and Derek Blasberg, before hosting a dinner at Sean MacPherson’s refurbished hang-out Crow’s Nest attended by Mark Ronson, Richard Gere, and Bruce Weber, among others.