Is This a Hint for the New Bill Blass

As if to appease us until his Resort debut this July with the legendary house of Bill Blass, designer Jeffrey Monteiro has launched his new line of women’s shoes. Like his eponymous Spring collection, the shoes were inspired by the relaxed elegance of George Platt Lynes’ Depression-era street style photos. “I was looking at imagery of nature within industrial complexes and photographs of urban people in nature,” says the designer. “Divergent forces have always influenced me—masculine and feminine, classicism and modernism, nature and industry—and I think that amidst these opposing yet necessary elements that true beauty and inspiration can be sourced.”

Initially designed for his Spring 2010 lookbook, the three-pair line of worn-in round toe flats, low-heeled T-straps and zippered sandals took on a life of its own once Monteiro realized that the shoes were in and of themselves worthy of a whole new venture. “We are always looking to develop the collection, to fully represent the look and spirit of the brand and a shoe line seemed like a natural additional to the product range of the collection,” says the designer. “I love the 3-dimension, sculptural quality of shoe design. The process is detailed, precise and artisanal and in so many ways that appeals to my design sensibilities.”