Beach Beauty Bingo! Hot Tips for a Gorgeous Fourth





The long, glorious July 4th weekend is finally here, and our day of independence calls for celebration—in fact, for one of the longest party days of the year. But how do you stay looking great for 14 hours straight (and three margaritas too many, not that anyone’s counting)? Celebrity makeup artist Kristofer Buckle sums it up: you need “a look that is beautiful in full sun, waterproof so you can be  gorgeous even when wet, and sexy in the glow of fireworks.” We asked Kristofer to elaborate on his July 4th beauty tips: how to make your makeup stay in place, and what to wear to look your very best for sun, swim, and a whole lot of sparkle. Check out his insights:

The Skin
If you usually use a powder bronzer, use a self tanner the night before so your tan will be streak proof! First, use a long-wearing concealer to brighten up around your eyes. Revlon ColorStay Under Eye Concealer is a great one. Next, use a cream blush in a coral or bright pink hue to add a bit of heat to your complexion. MAC has a variety. Using a glow powder or shiny eyeshadow in a light gold color, dust cheeks and bridge of nose.

The Eyes
Using a metallic bronze eyeshadow—Revlon ColorStay makes a powder; MAC makes creamy waterproof paint pots—lightly blend across upper lash line, so when your eye is open, whatever eyelid that shows is covered. Take the same color and very lightly blend it under the lower lashes—just the outer corner (this helps to open the eye). Use your favorite waterproof mascara. is a favorite of many and offers a lash that is thick and long.

The Lips
Keeping the lips easy is important. There’s barbecue to eat and boys to kiss! (Etiquette tip: leaving lipstick on a guy is fine, but lipstick on a hamburger bun is gross.) Use a sheer lipstick or a gloss that has a fresh fruity color. These colors magnify the look of your tan and brighten the eyes, and the formulas are easy to reapply quickly without a mirror.

The Body
Avoid using perfumes and heavy creams on your body. Don’t forget the mosquitoes! Try using an oil or a little Vaseline on legs and shoulders for a nice sheen. When you use the right formulas, you will be amazed at how fresh you look throughout the day and into the night without needing touchups or missing any of the fun!