First Dibs: Christopher Kane 2015 Resort Look 1


Even with clothes almost in stores, we’re still reeling from Christopher Kane’s architectural, origami-accented Fall 2o14 collection, and his brash outing for Resort 2015 has us feeling the very same way. Kane is a master of toeing the line between jolie-laide and good and bad taste, typically erring on the good side. Take the above look, for example. It’s an all-for-one deal, with sleek handbag, open-toed strappy heels, and minimal, mod-ish structured, cropped jacket, and A-line mini printed with multi-colored leopard print, as if Jane Fonda in Klute, Lisa Frank, and Barbie somehow converged into one outfit. It’s the kind of matchy-matchy that works—because, sometimes, too much of a good thing can be wonderful. We’re calling first dibs.

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