Fashionable Technology: Fallon x Samsung

Jewelry presentations usually involve static models displaying the jewels as the audience walks from one girl to another. Dana Lorenz, designer of FALLON, had other ideas: wanting her audience to have the “same experience at the same time,” Lorenz achieved a first, staging a live runway show for her Spring/Summer 2014 collection. “The music to me is very important, the sequences of the girls is very important, the movement of the jewelry is very important, how it glistens when the light hits it. There’s sort of nothing like it,” she told us after her show on Wednesday.

Inspired by late ’80s and early ’90s music videos, Lorenz’s collection achieved another first: a real partnership between fashion and technology. Together with Samsung, Lorenz’s show included, among its staple mixed metals and statement pieces, carrying cases for the GALAXY Note 3 and charms for the adjustable bands of Samsung’s newly launched smart watch, the GALAXY Gear. The cases were designed like jewelry, with studding, chain fringe, and useful and stylish cross body straps and leather belts for the waist.

The intersection of fashion and technology came organically to Lorenz. “Every second of every day I’m using technology to design the collection,” she told us. “Everything is really either in the beginning or the end pushed out by technology, so it’s kind of essential.”

A final feat? When we asked how she chose the clothes that so perfectly complemented the collection—think black, leather with a downtown sensibility—we found out Lorenz was the directly involved in that too: “I didn’t choose, we designed them all… except for the vintage Levis.”