Cody Ross: Wall Street Mascara

When I first met Cody Ross, he had invited me to his house to view his collection. As soon as the 30-year-old hipster with sky-high bleach blonde hair opened the door to his beautiful West Village townhouse, I thought, “another privileged kid with a fashion line.”

That will teach me to judge. I soon came to find out that he is a veritable self-made wiz kid who’s as creative as he is computive. Originally from Dallas, Texas, (although he speaks and writes fluent Chinese, and has a photograhic memory) Cody started his career in finance, to great success. His personal fanny pack-inclined sense of style, however, was under-appreciated, while under his desk he sketched and scouted fabrics.

Years later, Ross decided to take on fashion full time with a line called PRIESTESS NYC. Here we catch up on the designer’s second and perhaps well-timed career:

FABIOLA BERACASA: What is your line all about?

ROSS: It’s a womenswear and unisex label that’s all about ‘transgression, kitsch and street-style.’ It’s part ‘80s revival, part futurism with a dollop of goth-glam. The label’s underpinnings are a blend of underground, cult, modernist and directional themes. The broad aesthetic leans toward the edgy and avant-garde. The clothes are totally wearable and thoroughly approachable—especially for girls who have a penchant for distinct and quirky stuff.

BERACASA:  Where did you get your education?

ROSS: The London School of Economics and Central Saint Martins… and lots of DIY.

BERACASA: What is your signature style?

ROSS: Jumpsuits and rompers… And lots of flashy-monochrome finishes, and crazy prints.

BERACASA:  Who is the Priestess NYC girl’?

ROSS: She’s a synthesis of Juliette Lewis, Leigh Lezark and Natalie Portman; she’s opinionated, knowledgeable and highly individualized girl who is a little irreverent and outlandish – but with lots of nuance.

BERACASA: What is sexy to you?

ROSS: I like cheerleaders, heavy mascara and pigtails. Raphael Young shoes are hot, too.