Burberry’s Holiday Dreamscape

Burberry has long eschewed advertising theatrics in favor of expanding the concept of the heritage brand. Rounding off a season celebrating love—and an apparent love of wordplay—with collections titled I ♥ Classics and Trench Kisses, Burberry’s new global holiday campaign, Burberry With Love, presents New York as a snow globe-like winter wonderland.

Set to Tom Odell‘s choral-backed “Hold Me,” the video features cheerfully trundling lorries filled with Burberry packages and overarching revolutions of the London Eye with champagne-gold sunlight. The same hue appears in the iconic Burberry plaid looped around necks, peeking out from trench coat lining, and in the wingspan of an opened umbrella floating up to the sky as a cast of characters fling snowballs and skip through the city with presents tucked underneath their arms.