Matte’s Black Matter


Accompanied by a beat-heavy electro song, a beautiful woman envelops herself in black paint. It begins as a splatter on her shoulder, and moves up her limbs, and across her breasts, backside, and face. Directed by Trevor Owsley with art direction by Jason Naylor, the video is an announcement for “Black,” a mélange of music, visual art, and New York’s favorite color thrown by the creative production company MATTE.

“As bodies become darker and darker we become aware that we are losing light while simultaneously being buried with black,” says Naylor about the concept behind the video. “Still unsure of what’s going one, we indulge in black and fade away,” he continues. “Our eyes are open. We are alive”

Hosted in the old Bowery Bank, “Black” will feature live performances from Matthew Dear, The Virgins, The Rapture DJ’s, and Interview friends Jim-E stack, alongside a special sound experience by Sennheiser, and  art installations by Charlie Nesi, Young & Sick, and Joel Walker. Cult LA tattoo shop, Black Banditz, will also be on site offering custom tattoos. It is a celebration of downtown New York, its history, and its future. A culture inextricably intertwined in three artistic expressions: visual art, music, and a fashion world obsessed with the colorless color, black.

“Black” begins at 10pm on February 21 at 130 Bowery. For more information, or to purchase tickets, click here.