Holiday Weekend News Roundup! Golden Globes; Brian Williams Hates Lana Del Rey


Happy Monday! Here’s our compendium of pop-culture news you may have missed while you were doing more important things over the long weekend.

• The big winners at the Golden Globes on Sunday were exactly who you expected they’d be: The Descendants and The Artist for best drama and comedy, respectively; Clooney and Streep for dramatic actor and actress; Dujardin and Williams for comedic actor and actress. It was pretty much a snore—even Ricky Gervais was pretty restrained, except for his joke about how Colin Firth is a secret racist. [LAT]

• Lana Del Rey performed on Saturday Night Live this weekend, and it was really not great. We still love those recordings, but man, girl has trouble pulling it out live. Someone with a much stronger opinion was NBC newsman Brian Williams, who wrote to his friend Nick Denton, Gawker honcho, to express his displeasure: “Brooklyn hippster [sic] Lana Del Rey had one of the worst outings in SNL history last night—booked on the strength of her TWO SONG web EP, the least-experienced musical guest in the show’s history, for starters.” Williams’ critique is not entirely accurate, but we still kind of love it! [Gawker]

• Wikipedia and Reddit are both going dark on Wednesday to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act. So be prepared to actually do work at your job, for one day of the year. [THR]

Contraband took the weekend box office with a modest but respectable $24.5M, followed by the 3D rerelease of Beauty and the Beast with $17.7M. Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol keeps going strong and came in at number three with $11.7M; Dolly Parton/Queen Latifah gospel flick Joyful Noise made $11.3M, and Sherlock Holmes 2 hung onto a top-five spot with $8.6M. [BOM]

• A horsefly with an ample and shiny golden lower abdomen (butt) has been named after Beyoncé: its new, official name is Scaptia beyonceae. According to fly namer Bryan Lessard, it is the “all-time diva of flies.” We have no evidence to refute this, so sure, it’s the all-time diva of flies. [CSIRO]

• After two airings, the widely reviled Work It, which is on ABC and is built on the offensive premise that companies only want to hire women right now(?!), has been canceled. [Deadline]

• More than one-third of all karaoke performances in Britain last year were Adele songs, somehow. Brits must be really depressing to go to karaoke with! [ArtsBeat/NYT]