Must See: Paddle8

Innovative in every sense, is an online auction house that often previews charity auctions. They’re supporing the Dash Snow Initiative, for instance, which on Wednesday in Miami Beach will auction works by some of my favorite artists, like Dan Colen and Nate Lowman.

During Art Basel Miami Beach they also present an online exhibition “Moving the Still,” which features GIFs by Nick Knight, the Standard, artists Jo Ratcliffe and Alex da Corte, and even a short video piece by my fiancé, Aaron Young. Back in November, Tumblr users were encouraged to send in GIFS, which were then selected by a groups of selected taste-makers. Michael Stipe chose moving pictures of web loading bars, onscreen static, and photos melting. Rodarte picks images of models in the designers’ clothing dancing and posing, while Richard Phillips found some poetic and beautiful GIFS of red flare gun smoke, a girl smoking in black and white, and a disco ball turning.

A new way to consider the role of the curator and the public’s input, Paddle8’s exhibit is a must-see for anyone during Basel.


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