Carly Mark’s New Video is A Horror Gore Tale of Parasitic Survival

Photography Richie Shazam

Published December 6, 2018

Parasitism is the reigning metaphor of the age. For the artist Carly Mark, it’s her latest point of departure. The painter, sculptor, and video-maker is known for her arch send-ups of bodega brands, corporate messaging, and fantasy fetish objects in a manner than could be described as Lisa Frank on DMT. Her images are familiar, until you closely examine the contents. This knack for the uncanny extends to Mark’s latest video, Know Nothing, debuting here for the first time on Interview. The film, which premiered at Zuecca Projects in Venice, Italy, this past February, is an eerie manifestation of parasitic survival, styled in the fantasy gore of Legend and The Lord of The Rings. “Two characters meet in a space between worlds and they have to interact,” Mark told Office Magazine earlier this year. “It’s not dissimilar from animals meeting in nature, or humans interacting in a city, relationship, workplace. There’s an element of horror, but it’s also reality.”