The Saturday Painters


During Miami Art Week, collaborations are never-ending, but one of our favorites is the Artsy Project series at Nautilus, a SIXTY Hotel. On-site installations throughout the week include works by Dan Colen, Chloe Wise, Mira Dancy, Katherine Bernhardt, and more, while artists Nicolas Lobo and Scott and Tyson Reeder will give special interactive performances. On Saturday, Interview and Sandro Paris will join the Reeder brothers, Nautilus, and Artsy to host a Sunset BBQ, featuring music by The Misshapes and an iteration of the Reeder’s Beach Painting Club—an open space on the sand where Scott and Tyler will be painting and encouraging others to participate.

“It’s been a year or so since we’ve done one of these and we thought Miami would be the perfect place,” the brothers say. “We’re both always curious to see what will happen, what artists show up, and what the weather will do. The chance element keeps it exciting and a cathartic break from working alone in the more controlled environment of the studio.”

Past versions of the performance have occurred at NADA Art Fair, Rockaway Beach, Venice Beach, East Hampton, and the Bas Fisher Invitational, and painters ranging from José Lerma to Joe Bradley, Laura Owens, Spencer Sweeney, and Jess Fuller have participated alongside random passerby. Much like the Rockaway staging benefited Hurricane Sandy relief, the profits made this coming weekend will be donated to MOCA Detroit.

“We hope any artists feeling momentary exasperation at the fairs or from digital media will take a break and chill out,” the brothers continue, “maybe make something they wouldn’t have made otherwise, and have an overall weirder Miami experience.”