Maripol Revives Downtown 81, Her Love Letter to Basquiat and His New York City

The film is a fairytale-homage to the New York that was and never again will be—but more importantly, to the friendships that blossom amidst the concrete.

Donald Judd and Frank Stella Debate Sculpture, Space, and the Art of A Stupid Idea

This is an excerpt from a longer interview that is itself part of the newly published Donald Judd Interviews—1,000 pages of discussion and ideas.

(JJ)ESUS and SSION Talk Love in the Age of Trolls

Holed up in SSION's Williamsburg "witch hut," the DJs and all-around creatives debate the fundamental dilemma of modern romance: Would you rather be trolled or ghosted?

Great Women Artists: A Visual, Historical, and Overdue Artistic Journey

The yellow-tinged tome contains a history spanning 500 years and including 400 artists, from Loïs Mailou Jones to Maria Lassnig and beyond.

Artist Kambui Olujimi Wants to Float Free

As a member of the inaugural class of Kehinde Wiley's Black Rock residency, the artist plans to explore blackness, weightlessness, and the expanse of space.

Director Alma Har’el on What the World Doesn’t Know About Shia LaBeouf

The director of "Honey Boy" brings LaBeouf's passion project to life through her signature blend of memory and fantasy.

Harmony Korine Plays Dracula

The cult director with a dark streak brings the oddball horror of H.R. Giger and Mark Prent to Gagosian.

Diesel’s New Book Explores the Life-Affirming Power of a Good Pair of Jeans

The new book explores the brand's origin and what fuels its provocative legacy.

For Artist Tobias Spichtig, Shopping is a Way of Sculpting

In perfectly dystopian fashion, the Swiss artist has taken his series of “Gheist” sculptures—ethereally thin, human-like figures that at first glance may appear to be some sort of demented mannequin—to Balenciaga.

Allen Stone is Listening to Al Green, Patty Griffin, and Alanis Morissette (Karaoke Edition)

In which the soul-singer passes on an album to his son, recalls church choir, and makes it clear that karaoke is a family affair.

What the Interview Editors Think of the 9 New Celine Perfumes

We're getting notes of fresh cut daisies, China Chalet, and "The Shining."

That Time Debbie Harry Almost Recorded a Disco Remix of the National Anthem

No one asked for it then, but we're asking for it now.

Tommy Pico’s Poetry Fuses Sex, Climate Collapse, and R&B

But through it all runs a stubborn ribbon of hope.

Exit Poll: “Fantastic Fungi” is a Hallucinatory Dive Down the Rabbit Hole

Come for the nature porn, stay for the renewed faith in humanity that only mushrooms can provide.

INTO: A Camper Himalayan Shoe Reimagined for an Off-Duty Dalai Lama

The always-funky German designer Bernhard Willhelm breathes new life into a classic.

Robert Glasper and YEBBA Say “Fuck Yo Feelings”

The Grammy-winning producer and pianist sits down with his collaborator and talks the magic of Stevie Wonder and the therapy that is live performance.

INTO: Paris Hilton’s Death Scene in House of Wax

Remembering the reality star's very graphic movie debut.

NYC Halloween Store Employees on the Best, Worst, and Wildest Costumes They’ve Ever Seen

We traversed the city to hear from the people on the front lines of public humiliation about Keanu Reeves, "Euphoria," and one brazen cop-banana.

The Interview Editors Reveal Their Halloween Plans

Spend the night partying like an Interview editor—some of which include the Real Housewives, and some of which include not partying at all.

Kiesza Stages a Comeback (and Shops with Her Grandmother)

Following a two-year hiatus, the electro-pop singer discusses her new single, her Halloween plans, and how she's taking life one yoga class at a time.

Elvira Would Be A Therapist if She Wasn’t The Mistress of the Dark

The horror movie hostess tells us why, for her, Halloween is 365 days a year.

Nadia Lee Cohen Tries On Some Halloween Costumes

The Guilty Witch, the Reluctant Matador, and other costumes better than yours.

“Interview” Celebrates 50 Years—and Toasts to 50 More

Interview celebrated its 50th Anniversary at Indochine with Nordstrom and Assouline, and a few dozen friends from the magazine's past and present.

Partying With Allie X, from Hell’s Kitchen to Bushwick

After opening for Charli XCX at Terminal 5, the emo-pop princess headed to Bushwick and partied some more.

Michael Kiwanuka is Listening to Nirvana, Isaac Hayes, and Hey Arnold!

The soul singer and U.K. native on driving to Jim Croce, crying to Sufjan Stevens, and skipping his own song on "Big Little Lies."

Rami Malek Says “Hello, Friend” to His Mr. Robot Composer Mac Quayle

Searching for lost synthesizers and reminiscing on Donna Summer's chocolate chip cookies with the master hackers behind "Mr. Robot."

That Time Jack Nicholson Bought a Commune Run by an Ex-Clown

An absolutely true story straight from the man who is all work, all play, and never a dull boy.

Caroline Polachek is Listening to Katy Perry, Enya, and Third Eye Blind

Her playlist is so hot, it's hurting our feelings.

Noah Jupe Says Shia LaBeouf Told Him To Call Before Buying A Fast Car

The 14-year-old actor explains how Shia LaBeouf went from being "the guy from the 'Transformers' movies" to something of a mentor.

YouTube Maestro Brandon Rogers on Billy Porter, BTS, and Baring Your Buttcheeks

All the hot takes from a man with as many characters as he has opinions.

Alex Da Corte and Charlie Fox Are Into the Monster Next Door

From "Edward Scissorhands" to the "Kafka-level horrific nightmare" that is "Meet the Parents," the artist and writer find the sex appeal in the grotesque.

Sigrid Is Listening to Kendrick Lamar, Luke Bryan, and (Duh) Robyn

The Norweigan electro-pop singer gives us her playlist for driving, partying, and crying in your bedroom.

American Dream Mall: Your Late Capitalist Fantasy

Your one-stop-shop for indoor skiing, singing sculptures and...SBARRO pizza.

André Aciman Doesn’t Want to See Elio and Oliver Folding Laundry

The boys from "Call Me By Your Name" are back. This time: Fewer peaches, more piano.

Cornfield Maze Employees Share Their Plan for an Alien Invasion

It's no longer a question of if, but when the aliens land who will be prepared for first contact?