word on the street

What Did the Last Four Years Actually Feel Like?

by Meetka Otto


Hedi Slimane Masters the Influencer Uniform

by Ernesto Macias & Alexa Lanza


New York or Nowhere

by Interview

required reading

Bryan Washington’s Very Quiet Concerns

With his debut novel, the author delivers a gay breakup book that’s also so much more.

show & tell

A New Book Shows Why Camilla McGrath Was the Lens of the Party

"Face to Face: The Photographs of Camilla McGrath" is a gorgeous, jet-set testament to the delicious depth of the McGraths’ personal address book.

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Sasha Sloan Is Listening to Brandi Carlile, Smash Mouth, and the Entire Shrek Album

The alt-pop singer-songwriter on leaving California, loving karaoke, and staying her own worst enemy.


A Conversation Between Senator Anne Ranch and Demi Lovato (and Danny DeVito)

In some circles, it’s been referred to as the Frost/Nixon of 2020.

don't touch my hair

Jawara’s Latest Exhibition Is a Love Letter to Black Hair

The hairstylist extraordinaire partnered with photographers for “COARSE: The Edges of Black Ingenuity," a virtual exhibition brimming with beauty.

let go and let god

Kali Uchis and Steve Lacy on Lighting Up and Letting Go

"Uh-oh. You chiefing?"

let's talk about sex

Playgirl Magazine Is Back, and It’s Not What You Think

Silvia Prada, the magazine's new Image Director, pays homage to the magazine’s legacy and its new mold in a series of exclusive illustrations.

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H.E.R. is Listening to Prince, Stevie Wonder, and The Proud Family

The R&B artist shares what's on her playlist.


At 94, Betye Saar Is Letting Intuition Lead the Way

The artist talks to her friend, the actress CCH Pounder, about some of the trips they’ve taken and the places they’ve yet to go.


Welcome to Club Lonely

Nobody is talking about it.

nice to meet you

Abby Jasmine Loves Weed and Water Sports

Get to know the 22-year-old Vine star-turned-R&B singer.


Talia Ryder on the Transition from Indies to Spielberg

The "Never Rarely Sometimes Always" star readies herself for "West Side Story."

fashion emergency

Mel Ottenberg and Jeremy O. Harris in Paris: An Honest Conversation About the World’s Most Polarizing TV Show

On the eve of making Broadway history with 12 Tony nominations, the playwright spoke with our Creative Director about "Emily in Paris," the fashion emergency on everyone's minds.

drumroll, please

Joe Wong and Fred Armisen March to the Beat of Their Own Drum

The "Russian Doll" composer and drummer takes center stage with his debut album, "Nite Creatures."

in conversation

Riz Ahmed and Octavia Spencer on The Burden of Representation

The Emmy winner and the Oscar winner discuss the temptation and toxicity of leaving behind a legacy.


Smile, You’re on Camera: Grinning Through Quarantine with vVardis

The luxury oral care brand has given one editor reason to smile again.

Three Movies That Prove the Year in Cinema Still Has Something to Offer

"Lovers Rock," "Notturno," and "American Utopia," which recently screened at the NYFF, offer a measure of hope.


Kamala Puligandla Writes in Zigzags

The Autostraddle Editor-in-Chief discusses her debut novel and her own queer coming-of-age story.

really good grades

Nathan Fielder and Louis Theroux Teach a Masterclass on the Art of Awkward

The face of "Nathan for You" is taking his really good grades and second-rate advice to HBO.

midnight sky

Rick Owens and Miley Cyrus on Rock Stars, Recklessness, and Life on the Road

"I can say yes to anything. It would take something really fucking crazy for me to say no."

a life in

Patrisse Cullors Shares Her Objects of Self-Preservation

The co-founder of Black Lives Matter offers us an important lesson in resistance: rest.


Lily Stockman Brings Us Back to the Gallery

The show “Seed, Stone, Mirror, Match” will be showing at the Charles Moffett gallery until October 18th, by individual appointment only.


Shimmying the House Down with Supermodels Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington

The "Supers" won't get out of bed for less than $10,000, but they'll dance for a cover shoot.


Odessa A’zion Isn’t a Troublemaker, She Just Plays One on TV

The breakout star of Netflix's new teen drama, "Grand Army," has a reputation for spiky characters. She'd like to change that.


“I’m a WASP with a WAP”: Chloe Fineman on Chloe Fineman

"SNL"'s rising star offers her impressions on 14 topics, including Reese Witherspoon, Target, and #FreeBritney.


The Saint Laurent Rive Droite Project Brings Together Anthony Vaccarello and Helmut Lang

The designer and the artist have created unique sculptures using raw materials.

get out the vote

Run the Jewels Wants You to Vote

Killer Mike and El-P, the rappers that make up Run the Jewels, are getting their fans up to dance and out to vote.

actually not the worst

Chris Geere Tells Aya Cash Why She’s the Best

On the coattails of "The Boys" season two finale, the "You're the Worst" co-stars reunite for a conversation about super-suits and super-scares.

we can be heroes

All the Photos of David Bowie You Could Possibly Ever Need

A new visual anthology shows the artist at his most extraordinary.

in (dreadful) conversation

Hugh Grant and Donald Sutherland Enjoy a Perfectly Dreadful Conversation

All the innuendo that’s fit to print.

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Ava Max is Listening to Destiny’s Child, Mariah Carey, and Ava Max

The pop singer wants everyone to know she's actually "sweet but psycho."

graphic design is our passion

David King: Design As Protest

Rick Poynor, the author of the new monograph of legendary designer and activist David King, spoke to Judy Groves, King's longstanding friend and collaborator, about how his ideas helped shape the world as we know it.


Matty Matheson’s Guide to Literally Embracing Your Roots

To mark the release of his latest book, "Home Style Cookery," the Canadian chef and internet celebrity invited us to his farm for a quick tutorial on the art of producing produce.


Don’t Call Victor Internet’s Music Bedroom Pop

The 19-year-old singer on TikTok, queerness, and proudly paying his mom's rent.