The New Activists

In 2015 we got active. Mobilizing and marching in response to injustices and inequality—from Ferguson to Baltimore, from Hong Kong to Paris—people took to the streets to demand what is right, to bring about a better future. In 2016, that future is here. This portfolio is a salute to the rabble-rousers, conservationists, and progressives who, with their revolutionary spirit, are changing the world for good-the artists, thinkers, tinkerers, dreamers, and dedicated citizens who are leading us toward the light.  



Ethan James Green

"The next great artists need to have a connection to create positive change. There isn't really anything else worth talking about."



Hari Nef

"Apathy was never an option; self-interest and altruism became one and the same. I advocate for my community, so I advocate for myself."



Cameron Russell

“Millennials must become an activist generation. I hope we continue to grow our political capital, our voices, and our power, and that more people feel like there is a place for them in building a better society.”

Lily Scout Kwong

"Social and environmental responsibility was expected from me by my school and my family at a young age . . . It never felt like a choice; it was always just common sense."



Sean A. Watkins

“Storytelling is a form of education that goes deeper to our core than any textbook . . . We all have stories inside of us, and we should all feel empowered to share them openly and honestly.”

Rowan Blanchard

"No girl should feel scared to be friends with other females . . . I was really scared that other girls hated me, that I wasn't pretty enough or cool enough or I didn't have enough Instagram followers or whatever. But finding female friendship was such a monumental point in my life."



Jessica Yatrofsky

"Belief and intention are the pillars for social change, and as long as we stay conscious, we can create a society with a future that actualizes these concepts of progress." 

Shanna Merola

"Often, in the hour of greatest need, when the system fails, it is neighbors coming together to support one another, building networks of cooperation through mutual aid."



Sheida Soleimani

"Being raised in a household where both of my parents talked about their horrifying experiences openly exposed me to social and political issues in the larger world."



Amandla Stenberg

"When you are a marginalized person or a woman of color and/or someone who's a part of the LGBTQ community, your acts become politicized, just by being yourself."



Tyler Ford

"My goal in everything I do is to uplift and affirm other trans and queer people, as well as to facilitate dialogue among people of all genders so that we can make the world a safer place for those of us who are marginalized."



Emmanuel Olunkwa

"The greatest advantage to living right now is the internet. Visibility is invaluable. People are able to seek out communities that best fit them."





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