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Iman Shumpert

Iman Shumpert is not just the youngest player on the New York Knicks basketball team; he's also a pretty stylish man, and a rapper—he wrote and performed the Knicks "Clique" freestyle, played on the Jumbotron at every game and has a mixtape coming out tomorrow. We asked this renaissance athlete to take us through ten of his favorite things. To read Iman's full interview, click here.

Photo by Christopher Gabello for InterviewMagazine.com, December 2012


"Chicago is home... [New York] is cool, but it's not home."

True to his Chicago roots, Shumpert's favorite hat is a Blackhawks snapback.

You don't get to be 6"5" and 220 pounds by eating salad. Iman's favorite snack is a Snickers bar.

Iman's favorite piece of jewelry? A watch—"anything gold." He does like that Trinidad James song...

This is Shumpert's second year on the Knicks; so far his favorite New York restaurant is Beauty & Essex.

Favorite discovery: frozen red grapes!

A true '90s child, Shumpert's favorite album is Eminem's The Eminem Show, which came out when he was 12.

A necessary extravagance? Brunch on the road.

As a fashionable man, Iman has some pretty amazing sneakers (we rather fell in love with his green, white, and orange Adidas pair with leopard print trim during our shoot). His most precious pair are his Adidas Bright Lights Big City Top Ten 2000s—designed to represent New York in Knicks' colors.

Beverage of choice: Orange Gatorade. Got to replace those electrolytes.

Iman's a big-time headphone guy. He brought these green ones to our photo shoot.

Photo by Christopher Gabello for InterviewMagazine.com, December 2012

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