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Simon Doonan should know a thing or two about the art of giving gifts. He is, after all, the Creative Ambassador at Large at New York's premiere department store, Barneys, and began his career in the late seventies as a window dresser at LA's Maxfields. We asked Doonan, who is currently working with Chandon, to share the ten things he needs to get him through the holidays.

Hamilton custom shirts: Hamilton is a real American treasure, and the company has been making gorgeous shirts since 1883. Mine are made in flowery Liberty prints with a Western yoke: part butch, part nelly. 

Private Eye magazine: I have read it my entire life. The main focus is on spotlighting hypocrisy, but in a hilarious and satirical way. It's a shame we do not have a US version. They have a special section called 'Pseuds Corner' featuring pretentious quotes from various people. I was overjoyed to see myself included a couple of years back. I can die happy.

Booze: I don't drink much myself, but, being of Irish descent, I am well aware that others do. At the holidays, I always make sure I have a crate of Chandon Sparkling Rosé mini-bottles in the house, and some groovy straws. 

Liberace: Our Norwich Terrier is getting older. I am not sure how many more holidays we will spend with him. I make sure I spend lots of time cuddling him, much to his horror. 

Goyard: At the holidays, I always zip into Barneys and treat myself to a little Goyard quelque chose. (Yes, I get a discount, but after 27 years of loyal service, I think I deserve it, non?) I always monogram my bags, with hilarious results. On the subway, people ask me if am from San Diego, or even South Dakota.

My Nook: Since I got a Nook, I read so many more books. I am terrified that if I download something and don't read it that the Nook police will come and arrest me, like on Homeland. My Nook has a Jonathan Adler cover. Long live nepotism! 

Tomita: I love spacey electronic music. There is no shortage of it around, but at the holidays I like to go back to the master, Tomita, and drown myself in a little electro-Debussy.

Jiggling: I am one of those annoying people who has always loved going to the gym. In the early '80s, when all my pals were New Romantic speed freaks, I would zip off to aerobics class everyday. They thought I was very naff, and I am sure they were correct. I wore legwarmers.

Naked and Famous: At the age of 60, I have suddenly become a denim-aholic. N and F is my preferred brand. My legs are too muscled to squeeze into the 'skinny' fit, so I wear the 'weird guy' fit.  Just thought your readers should know this important fact.

Jonathan Adler: We have been together for 18 happy years. Every holiday he reminds me that he gave me "his pretty years." I disagree.  I feel he still looks great and that I, in fact, gave him my pretty years. It's the only thing we argue about. This holiday, I am going to demand a written receipt... for my pretty years. 

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