June 27, 2012

The Cools Jamborée

By the time the police arrived at the Old School, an ex-parochial-school-current-event-space in Nolita, something even more disconcerting had already happened: Whitman's, one of five food vendors with positions staked out in the school's courtyard, had run out of burgers.

And no wonder: for a moment, it seemed everyone in New York was either there or patiently waiting on line outside for the chance to get in and go exploring. The Jamborée, conceived as a monthly update of the old-world bazaar model and incorporating food, dancing, shopping, design, art, and experimental film, had plenty to see: breakdancing in one old classroom; a quarterpipe in another; a screening of Adam Green's film The Wrong Ferarri [sic!] in a third; laser projections and Aurel Schmidt-designed, cigarette-burned tank tops in still others. In other words: sensory overload. Among the many downtown types on hand to experience it, and to join The Cools' mastermind Olivier van Themsche in celebrating, were Genevieve Jones, Stephanie LaCava, Fiona Byrne, Erin Fetherston, Christian Cota, Jen Brill, Albert Hammond Jr., Arden Wohl, Lauren Remington Platt, and Dree Hemingway.

When the cops did arrive, revelers did the next best thing: relocated, of course, to Le Bain, where not even the 5-0 could keep them down.

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