February 9, 2013

Prabal Gurung After Party at BOW sponsored by SVEDKA

Homer Parkes

There are a few things you can count on hearing over and over again at Fashion Week parties: "Oh my God, how are you?," from people you haven't seen for a while; "How are you holding up?," from people you have; and "I love that jacket," from people you've seen so often you have nothing left to do but compliment each other.

On Saturday night at BOW, the geographically perfect Bowery lounge that opened a few months ago, one more refrain was heard ringing out over and over: "I heard Eve might be performing!" We confirmed that we, too, had heard as much—from the last friend we ran into, picking up SVEDKA cocktails at the bar.

Then, all of a sudden, it was happening: she was blowing our minds. "Now, I know it's Fashion Week," she said, a little wickedly. "So that means this place is crawling with rich girls!" They were all happy to dance along to their namesake song—and to a brand-new one, the first single from a new album Eve seized the opportunity to plug. (It's called Lip Lock, and it's out May 14.)

After Eve's set, partygoers including Brad Goreski, Liu Wen, and Sabine Heller got down to the business of dancing, helped in their cause by DJ Mia Moretti and her violin-toting partner in crime, Caitlin Moe. —Alexandria Symonds

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