January 24, 2013

Sundance Parties at Nur Khan Presents NK

You can take New Yorkers out of the city—they'll just bring it with them. NK, a pop-up club set up by New York nightclub entrepreneur Nur Khan, hosted a slew of Sundance after-parties.

The week began with a party for Joseph Gordon-Levitt's directorial debut, Don Jon's Addiction. Not content to be a mere actor, director, writer, and host of the Film Festival's award ceremony, JGL played the DJ. The next night, we ran into a very bearded Martin Starr, a very pregnant Kristen Bell, and, for some reason, Meryl Streep at the cocktail party for The Lifeguard.

Emile Hirsch, who chases Paul Rudd around a forest in work overalls in Sundance's Prince Avalanche, stopped by to hang out with Shia LeBeouf and Evan Rachel Wood at the The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman party. Neither Wood nor LeBeouf made it to the film's nine am screening the following day.

We ended our Sundance sojourn celebrating the premiere of Very Good Girls with writer-director Naomi Foner, her son Jake Gyllenhaal, Elizabeth Olsen, Jenny Lewis, and the now adult Dakota Fanning.  Jamie Lee Curtis was also at the party—as Foner explained in the Very Good Girls Q&A, Curtis is Foner's "very best friend." There was a bucket of drink-related goodies waiting for Lizzie Olsen, who had just flown in for the party after finishing her exams at NYU.  A "very good girl" indeed.


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