May 8, 2013

Literary Society No. 8: Coming of Age Stories

"I don't really know if I should hold it here," Arden Wohl said Wednesday night, gingerly holding onto a microphone. "Or here, or here, or here," she continued, testing how she sounded with the mic closer to her mouth, then further away; higher up, lower down.

Once Wohl had determined an ideal mic placement, she read a couple of poems—the second one off her iPhone. We know her best for her social life and her filmmaking, but apparently Wohl is as much a Renaissance woman as the headbands she's never seen in public without (and the ones she's reportedly collaborating with Ippolita on) would suggest.

She was in good company, last night: other authors who had converged on No. 8 to share "Coming of Age Stories" included our favorite New York Times Styles writer, Bob Morris; the playwright Nathaniel Kressen, who read from a new play inspired by a Free People clothing catalogue; James Napoli Brooks, who read from his "surrealist memoir," The Interpretation of Wet Dreams ("Which is kind of a ridiculous title, because you can't really interpret wet dreams," he helpfully explained); ex-Page Six deputy editor Paula Froelich; Brit wit Anthony Haden-Guest; and journalist-cum-novelist Susan Kirschbaum, who read from her novel Who Town and also hosted the evening.

Though actress Parker Posey didn't read, she was happy to do a little orchestrating. "I'm directing," she laughed as she hopped on the microphone to instruct guests into a more equitable seating arrangement. Then she took her place back on her banquette, alongside writer-director John Cameron Mitchell and photographer Marcia Resnick—and settled in, to listen. —Alexandria Symonds

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