April 19, 2014

INTERVIEW Hosts The Broad Green Room presented by Broad Green Pictures

For those seeking a party after the silver-screen premieres of Tribeca Film Festival's first weekend, Interview delivered. In partnership with Broad Green Pictures, Interview hosted a three-day long Broad Green Room pop-up at The Woolworth Building's Wooly club in Manhattan's Financial District. Entering through The Woolworth's grand Broadway entrance, guests like Laverne Cox, Reggie Watts, Donald Baechler, Rameet Chawla, Aurel Schmidt, Kevin Baker, Lily McMenamy, Shaun Ross, AndrewAndrew, Natalia Kills, and Adam Lippes discovered a retro movie-going experience. Creative production studio We Came in Peace transformed The Wooly and its adjoining restaurant into an old-school New York cinema, serving up popcorn and movie snacks. Cocktails like "Warhol's Confession" (something we know a thing or two about here at Interview) loosened the mood, while movies including Breakfast at Tiffany's and Manhattan projected on the walls. Artist Ian Sklarsky scribbled blind contours of sitters; elsewhere, a Bosco photo booth flashed again and again. Amid vintage Interview covers, artwork by Donald Baechler, Kevin Baker, Taylor Mckimens, Lance De Los Reyes, and James Benjamin Franklin decorated the space.
Musical performances serenaded guests all three nights. Thursday saw DJ Elle Dee, TV Baby and DJ Stiletto; Friday was Shadowbox, The Mast, MICK, and DJ Franco V; on Saturday, DJ Ilyse Singer, French Horn Rebellion (DJ set), Sophie Auster, The Prettiots, and DJ Franco V once again. Like a great film, every evening was an adventure. —Dashel Pierson 

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