December 1, 2011

Ever Manifesto at Webster with Stefano Tonchi

At The Webster, Ever Manifesto guest-editor Stefano Tonchi brought together a group of dinner attendees (that all seemed to know each other from parties the night before) to toast the latest edition of the sustainability-focused magazine. Louis XIII cognac awaited guests on the tables and fueled a rather refined, fashion-heavy dose of partying as guests jumped from table to table to talk art and plans for the rest of the evening. Late-comers Waris Ahluwalia, Max Vallot, and Johan Lindberg pulled up chairs at table ends and marveled at The Webster's rapid party turnaround since Lindberg's BLK DNM perfume launch in the same space the night before. Lauren Remington Platt, a table away, sold her recently launched hair and make up sitel Vensette, to model-cum-restaurateur Elettra Wiedemann. Laure Heriard Dubreuil, owner of The Webster, explained, "Art Basel Miami is the best platform to celebrate the influence of fashion and art." Dubreuil studied Chinese culture and wrote a thesis on pandas, but hadn't thought of Bamboo, the focus of the second issue of Ever Manifesto, as a particularly fashionable perennial evergreen. Attendees who flipped through the magazine, though, were quickly made aware of the ways the grass could be refashioned into a sustainable and attractive addition to the art landscape. 

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