November 15, 2012

A.P.C. Celebrate Their 25th Anniversary

If you were wondering where all the cool kids were last night, say, in your local downtown dive or secret Thursday-only dance spot yesterday evening, it's a sure bet they were chez A.P.C.

After touching down in Paris and Tokyo earlier this year, founder Jean Touitou brought the party to New York, where the brand, the independent emblem of effortless minimalist French chic, fêted their 25th anniversary by transforming their Mercer Street flagship into a one-night-only boîte de nuit.

With the store stripped of merchandise (though, it must be said, much of the Fall 2012 collection, be it the oversized cable sweaters, discreetly printed utilitarian shirtdresses, or the brand's signature selvedge denim jeans, were fully on display vis-à-vis the partygoers), the loft-like space bathed in red light, and a gorgeous, whirring disco ball, a piano player played jazzy tunes at a gleaming Steinway, while waiters, clad in the brand's "87" anniversary graphic hoodie, circled with petite hors d'oeuvres.

The crush, as usual, was at the bar, where coupes of champagne, among other libations, were free flowing. The party quickly turned from a bohemian cocktail affair to full-on shebang when hip-hop legend Afrika Bambaataa and DJ Kimfu took the turntables. Everyone in close proximity, despite preoccupations, had no choice but to push through the crowd and make their way to break it down on the dance floor.

Though the party raged well past the witching hour, we ducked out somewhere between Cheryl Lynn's ebullient "Got to Be Real" and a mash-up of Michael Jackson, only to step over a large, already much ignored and danced-in mess of broken glass and spilled champagne on the store's roughly hewn plank floor. It seems like A.P.C. should consider making this party business thing a full-time gig. -Colleen Kelsey


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