February 9, 2013

Altuzarra & MAC Host a Private Dinner and Party

The inclusion of enormous black-and-white fur gloves—a success already in the blogosphere—in the Altuzarra Fall/Winter 2013 collection resulted from a last-minute deliberation. "They were a spur-of-the-moment addition. It was super intuitive," said Joseph Altuzarra. The gloves prompted myriad interpretations: Derek Blasberg saw them as "fur boxing gloves," perhaps belonging to a "nice Cruella de Vil." Considering this for a moment, Joseph Altuzarra consented, "We called them mittens, but they could be boxing gloves."

Other, subtler elements of the collection, which showed a few hours earlier at Skylight, merited deeper study. "I think it shows incredible sophistication to rely on black and white. And I loved the pops of red in the turtleneck collars," observed Lily Kwong, Altuzarra's cousin, herself wearing a black-and-white coat. Hamish Bowles remarked, "I thought it was a very powerful woman."

On having his after-party at the Gramercy Hotel Terrace, following a private dinner, Altuzarra said, "I chose somewhere where people are going to have fun. I didn't want to over think it." (At last, an easy choice to make). Among the partygoers, bulky footwear was a reminder that snow had to be trekked through to get to where the prosecco was pouring. One guest was spotted in Moon Boots. The windows surrounding the terrace were foggy from the cold outside-a pity, if only for the loss of the view. Yet, as nasty as the weather was, it served to make the reveling all the more cozy. One intern raved, "Joseph is the best boss ever, and he throws the best parties." After reflecting for a moment, designer Karolyn Pho put the night's experience succinctly: "Beautiful people, beautiful venue, fantastic time." What more could a New York Fashion Week bunch ask for? —Rachel Small

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