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Candy Darling was fastened to the downtown scene as both Warhol’s eccentric muse and an inspiration for the Velvet Underground’s protopunk music. It’s no wonder Warhol took an immediate liking to her—Darling embodied the self-invention, an idea that Warhol championed. With its mint green eye shadow and fuchsia nail polish, NARS captures the blonde bombshell’s penchant for an eccentric palette as sugary sweet as the name she chose for herself, Candy.  

Remembering Candy

We 've sifted through a candidly fresh conversation between some of Interview's, and Andys', greatest friends: Candy Darling, Tinkerbelle, Glenn O'Brien and Ray Davies, in which Candy's most vibrant true colors shine and we learn a bit more about the superstar-- from her height to her outlook on love.  


A Sultry Afternoon with Candy Darling

A conversation between superstar Candy and supermodel Lauren Hutton that took place on a hot, sultry afternoon over cream cheese and jelly sandwiches-- prepared by Candy herself.  



Beautiful Darling: Interview Picks

To offset our modern, monochrome uniform of LBDs and skinnies, we are constantly searching for a beauty product that will make us pop.

Dali by Darling

Discovered here, a delightful conversation between Candy Darling and Salvador Dali, in which Dali speaks his own language, quite literally, and Candy exhibits… well, patience.  

Superstar Candy

Armed with a sophisticated and slippery view, as well as a well-developed understanding of the subtleties of glamour and fame, Darling became one of the best known denizens of Andy Warhol’s factory.  Now, decades later, NARS revisits the fabulousness that was Candy Darling, in the shape of something they both can claim an expertise--  makeup.



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