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Every so often, the worlds of art, fashion, and culture pause to have an Andy moment. This time, Francois NARS has sounded the bell with a Warhol-inspired makeup line that captures the stardust of an era in a compact. With a palette as motley and as cheeky as Warhol's tastes and iconic lithographs, NARS celebrates the factory girl, the artistic deviant, and other ghosts of a New York past that deserve tribute thanks to Mr. Warhol's vision. In true Andy moment fashion, we look back to where the pop art magic began, collecting a little stardust of our own.  

Superstar Andy

Inspired by the Silver Factory and its rebellious, subversive, and utterly glamorous family, François Nars has created a makeup collection of pop pink "Desire" blush; black eyeliner; nude lipstick; aluminum highlighter; bright purple, silver, and matte black eye shadow; and a blush brush and domed eyeshadow brush to apply it all. The physical Factory might no longer exist, but its New York Superstar legacy still does. 

Andy's Favorite Beauty

Memories from the friendship between Andy and one of his favorite superstars, Bianca Jagger.

Candidly Andy

The most telling excerpts from Andy's most candid conversations.

Andy and A Very Smart Cookie

One of our favorite pieces-- a conversation between Andy and Bette Midler in November 1974 .

Andy in the Hot Seat

Looking back to where the pop art magic began, we revisit a conversation in which Glenn O'Brien interviews the legend himself.

Silver Factory: Interview Picks

This "Silver Factory Multiple" is perfect for a girl on the go. The pale silver color adds a bit of mystery—a peek of personality. We think Andy would approve.



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