Weekly Playlist: On the Road Again


Economists have long believed that RV sales can be used as a barometer for the state of US economy, as mobile homes are one of the largest discretionary purchases available to consumers. While motor home sales were suffering under the economic downturn and credit crisis during 2008, RV makers are hopeful and confident that their industry, usually one of first to suffer in bad times, is on its way to a recovery. Let's celebrate with some songs to stir the highway vagabond in us all. 


Moonlight Drive The Doors

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August 2017

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Truck Driver's Ride Speedy West and Jim

Amarillo Highway Terry Allen

Omens and Portents 1: The Drive Earth

Highway Kind Townes Van Zandt

Middle of the Road Clap

On the Road Again Willie Nelson

Ever Find Yourself Running Emitt Rhodes 

10 Mile Stereo Beach House

Highway of Endless Dreams M83



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